Why Paranannies?

Parents & Families

Low fixed childcare advertising rates
ParaNannies is a job seekers and employers’ recruitment platform aimed at locating and hiring quickly a diverse range of childcare support by charging affordable advertising rates, accessible to all parents and families. Please see Terms & Conditions

Childcare Database
When child carers sign up to the ParaNannies database they are asked to provide basic information about themselves and to upload a CV.  ParaNannies does NOT interview nor ask for references nor proof of DBS checks (Disclosing and Baring Service) – this is your responsibility as employer. ParaNannies assists you to search quickly and economically for childcare.

About Vetting and DBS Checks
While ParaNannies neither interviews nor vets applicants listed on our database, fulltime carers are encouraged to have DBS checks.
ParaNannies understands parents wish to ensure proper checks before entrusting a child carer with their most treasured possession(s). ParaNannies therefore recommends that you to carry out such checks for your own peace of mind, and this is reflected in our highly competitive advertising rates.