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ParaNannies has been developed in conjunction with long-established childcare providers. With this in-depth knowledge and extensive research, we have formulated a recruitment service tailored to the needs of carers, employers and parents, recognising the challenge of meeting short-notice 24/7 emergency childcare.

ParaNannies understands the importance of having instant access to 24/7 emergency childcare, additionally, we know that employers need to advertise permanent positions at all levels and experience. We recognise that, as existing childcare workers or those aspiring to work in childcare, you need a free and easy way of searching for temporary and permanent work in your local area. We understand the needs and concerns of parents, that you may need to find temporary, permanent or 24/7 emergency childcare at home from a trusted source.

With these considerations in mind we have designed  ParaNannies: a high quality, easy to use, reliable 24/7 recruitment resource developed specifically for childcare.

For Parents

Find a Babysitter

Searching for a nearby baby sitter for that inpromtu party invite? ParaNannies is the place to search or advertise.

Find an childcare in your locality

Need part or a full time childcare or a live in nanny in your area? ParaNannies is the place to search or advertise.

Hire with confidence

Quickly search, review qualifications and suitability posted by those seeking to work with young children and make easy quick contact via ParaNannies

For Childcare Employers

Create a Profile

Promote your nursery or nursery chain by writing a glowing but honest profile, and stand out from the crowd!

Got a Job Vacancy

Advertise vacant positions by chosing one of our economic set fee advertising packages, or search our database of those seeking work in childcare or to move jobs.

Become a Star

The more hirings you make via ParaNannies the more stars you obtain on you profile. More stars equals more job applicants!