Are You Looking for A Babysitter in Woolwich, Greenwich and Barking?

So here we are. Our nannies and babysitters have previous expertise caring for kids. Before working with us, every babysitter must pass a comprehensive screening procedure. Depending on your demands, our babysitters may watch over your child at any hour and on any day of the week, on a regular or ad hoc basis. Both your house and the babysitter’s home are acceptable babysitting venues. Having earned the trust of numerous families, ParaNannies stands apart from the other babysitter websites. Our staff does background checks and reviews all caregivers. Additionally, ParaNannies offers you babysitter evaluations provided by parents you know and trust, unlike other babysitter websites, services, or nanny agencies. Find suggestions from parents at your school, parents’ clubs, or social networks using your local network. It’s like asking every parent you know for recommendations for the top nannies in your neighborhood.


What can our nannies accomplish?

  • Autonomously take care of a baby, toddler, or child
  • Make sure children are safe and clean.
  • Purchase food, and feed the kid
  • Play with the youngster or engage in activities to keep him or her busy.
  • Walk with the youngster to and from school.
  • Keep an eye on the kid’s academics (excludes tutoring)

When is the right time to hire a babysitter?

  • Sometimes you need someone to watch your child while you are at work.
  • When you need someone to watch your child while you are out for a daytime or evening appointment or function.
  • During the weekends or during the school breaks, when you need someone to watch your child.
  • When you need someone to watch your youngster while you are a tourist on vacation within your hotel.

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    Don’t worry about the care for your children

    Don’t wonder about what is going at your child’s babysitter all day. No of the age of the children at our child care center, we follow a set curriculum to teach and care for them. Our child care center is stocked with modern, excellent teaching tools that promote growth. ParaNannies will provide your child the attention they need in the areas that need it. While your kid is at our child care center, we’ll keep you informed and call you if any issues or queries

    Why Paranannies?

    The choice of child care is important for your family. There are many excellent options. You want a nanny that blends in with the family; someone trustworthy, organised, and enjoyable. We have the ideal match for you as well as the assistance you require to make hiring a nanny

    Better-sized ratios

    Your children need the individualised care that a nanny can give.

    Values agree

    Shared values create the foundation for enduring connections. We make a lot of effort to make sure your nanny blends in.

    A fit family

    To locate a nanny with the expertise, abilities, and availability you require, we search beyond computerized listings.

    Coverage is ensured

    We take care of finding you a great sub in times of need and in the small annoyances of life.

    Dedicated Nannies

    Even while you're on the move, your children receive the love and attention they need with ParaNannies. And who isn't running with their busy schedules, work obligations, and domestic duties?