Nannies in Richmond, and Kingston Upon Thames areas

The ParaNannies Agency assists families in finding qualified, devoted, and thoroughly screened nannies, babysitters, hotel sitters, home managers, and overnight nannies in the Richmond and Kingston Upon Thames areas!

We're a full-service agency

Our full-service organisation offers a wide range of excellent child care services to families, churches, corporations, and hotels. We are local professionals in child care dedicated to providing great, individualized care and top-notch customer service. As a market pioneer, Trusting Connections is genuinely setting the bar for the quality of private child care services.


Here, your quest for a babysitter is over

In Richmond, Kingston Upon Thames, hire a babysitter. We remove the stress
Our nanny placement agency aids in finding and hiring the ideal match. Hiring the ideal nanny or baby sitter without the necessary resources.

Why we're unique: We recognize the value of your time because of this, we won't abandon you to waste time interviewing nannies who are unqualified or unable to satisfy your demands or searching through numerous profiles or applications. We carry out all the labor- intensive work and provide you with hand-picked, excellent prospects.
Consistency: We believe that the finest nannies are those that fit a family's parenting beliefs and values, going beyond the traditional criteria of "healthy, educated, and available." After learning more about your specific requirements and preferences, we employ cutting-edge matching procedures and personality tests to pinpoint people who are actually matched.
Incredible Standards: We offer the best quality available. Only the greatest nannies are represented by our agency, which employs one of the most thorough screening procedures in our sector. We've teamed up with a nearby, certified private investigator who personally screens all of our nannies, and we're one of the few agencies in our areas that do drug testing.

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    Aim for the best:

    The first step of membership is a virtual Care Consultation. In order to provide great, individualized care, we want to get to know your family and discover your special needs and preferences, beliefs, and parenting philosophies. We also put together a Family Care Guide for you so you won't have to waste time explaining how to take care of things, who to call in an emergency, and other important details to every nanny who visits your house. Parents are frequently left rushing to obtain child care and when they can't, are forced to miss work as a result when their children are unable to attend school or daycare due to illness or closures. Your company may stop losing thousands of dollars to absenteeism and staff turnover by partnering with our multi-award-winning agency. Our corporate child care services are the ideal back-up child care option for your employees and are trusted by several small enterprises and major corporations. They will be less stressed, more engaged, and productive as a result of this advantage. Additionally, people will see you as a hero if you are able to rapidly diffuse their "in a bind" crisis times with a straightforward phone call to our organization.

    At ParaNannies our belief:

    We treat our nannies with respect because we understand that without them, we are nothing. While providing a secure, enjoyable, and professional work environment, we are dedicated to educating, supporting, and advocating for our nannies. We are dedicated to informing parents and nannies about current legal concerns affecting our business. Both our clients and our staff are safeguarded by our distinctive model of agency-employed nannies. Although it isn't the cheapest or most well-liked strategy, we think it's the best.